Sunday, October 17, 2010

(500) Days of Summer TOUR

(500) Days of Summer is a story of boy meets girl. You should know up front: it isn't a love story.

I love this movie. My brother loves it too. Since he has a fancy DSLR, we finally went on a mission to visit the locations in the movie.

The movie depicts Los Angeles as beautiful in a different way. It's not just glitz and glamour. There are some very architecturally beautiful buildings with great history.

Here are some photos from our walking tour. I wanted to recreate frames from the movie.

Day (35) - Tom's Apartment
Canadian Building, 432 S Main St
Day (35) - Tom's Apartment

Day (87) - Video/Record Store
(Bookstore in real life)
Day (290) - Video/Record Store
Old Bank DVD, San Fernando Building, 400 S Main St

Day (191) - Movie Theatre
Million Dollar Theatre, 307 S Broadway

Day (95) - Angels Knoll
W 4th St & Olive St

Day (260) - Angels Knoll

Day (408) - Summer's Apartment
Barclay, 706 S Normandie
Day (408) - Summer's Apartment
(This is in Koreatown, not Downtown L.A.)
Day (408) - Summer's Street
 (The movie added the buildings in the background)

Day (488) - Angels Knoll
(Escalator from Metro)

Day (488) - Angels Knoll

Day (488) - Angels Knoll

Day (488) - Tom's Bench

Day (500) - First day of Autumn
Bradbury Building, 304 S Broadway
(Touring isn't allowed upstairs.)
I had to wear blue for this occasion. (It's Summer's signature color. She's the only one that wears blue, with the exception of the dance scene.) My outfit was inspired by the "Bank Dance" music video on the (500) Days of Summer iTunes podcast.

This was the first time I really looked at the buildings downtown. We all had a really good time. Stuff always look prettier in movies. I was surprised to learn that (500) Days of Summer did not over exaggerate these locations. They really are beautiful.

Download the walking tour here. Check out for more. 
Also, here's a link to additional film locations:

We exited Broadway off the 101, and parked in a lot on 4th Street and Spring. It's $5 flat rate on weekends. It's pretty much equidistant to Tom's apartment, the movie theatre and Bradbury Building, and Angel's Knoll.

It was overcast when we went. This was fortunate because if the sun had been out, we would have been really hot and tired from the walk.

If you go, I suggest going early. We started at 10am. Wear comfortable shoes. Bring a friend. Take pictures. Enjoy!

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